Making of Characters

Time-lapsing the illustrations. This is how the magic happened. Same style but many characters.


MTV3 & SUB TV - The Success makers

The finished TV Spot for Finnish TV Channels MTV3 and SUB TV. How-to-guide in doing TV-Advertising. Buy it and try it. Sherpa does it again.


Snowboarding Finnish Open 2009 - Tahko

TV Spot for the event of the year. Snowboarding Finnish Open 2009 in Tahko, Finland. 17-19th of April.



switzerland holiday

It's a winter holiday snowboard time. Engelberg in the land of Toblerone and Cockoo Clocks. Nice! Very nice!




2009 New stuff at the illustration section. Personal stuff & personal monsters. Found some old stuff. See also some old new updates allaround the site.




Sheriffi sponsored and put together a gala for Slammer magazines "Finland Snowboarder Of The Year 2008" Gala event.



Happy xmas and healthy müesli new year!

The official Xmas present for friends & family. Home-made hand-made special müesli. Label/card to go along. Be healthy y'all.



new sheriffi t-shirts / 2008 Art Department edition


Sheriffi goes and does new set of T-shirts for the winter season 2008-2009. White one designed by White Moment main man Antti Rastivo. Black one courtesy of your favorite neighborhood Kiraffi. Mr. Kiraffi. Very limited edition for teamriders and supporters.



snowboarding finnish open - ttr event at tahko 2009

Sheriffi goes snow. Poster illustration and design for the snowboarding competition at Tahko, Finland. Four star TTR event sponsored by Sheriffi.




Poster illustration for a Finnish surf contest in September 2008 in Hanko or Pori depending on the mother nature. See the SURF SUOMI event in facebook. Sponsored by Sheriffi.



Back again

After a painfully long time is alive again. Maybe you remember maybe you don't? But it's all right anyways. Here it is. Still under some heavy construction. But it's something and someday it will be a whole lot more. This is just to motivate me.



Halt your wagons!

Sheriffi goes massive with new mailer box. Ask for it at your local supermarket.



finally! the keys to the new flat. Yeeah!

After painfully long 5 months of waiting. We finally got the keys to our new flat! Hooray! 24 hours of tearing down the house.



OFS 2008

Old, Fat & Slow Jyväskyläs anual skatefest for the more mature skateboarders. Mayhemic weekend with the Hangup editorial expedition and Dog boys. Tim Dog Jesus Christ Air!




hello New york!

Nothing like a holiday. Nothing like a holiday in NYC. Photos. Feb 2008